casArrigoni S.r.l.

casArrigoni is a medium-sized company historically linked to its valley of origin where it is located: Valtaleggio. The deep-rooted dairy tradition of the area led Tina and Marco Arrigoni, sister and brother, together with Alvaro, Tina’s husband, to start aging cheeses that belong to the dairy tradition in Lombardy.

The strategy of the company is focussed on very high quality products and on the support and recovery of the local economy and history. Over the years it developed along three main lines: attention to aging in the mountains according to the traditional methods, spread of small and ancient productions such as raw milk Taleggio, Strachitunt and old style Stracchino, to mention a few, and creation of new cheeses, as Roccolo di Valtaleggio, that earned international recognitions.

Great care of the product, real and daily commitment, strong innovative and creative connotation combined with a peculiar yet cutting-edge and certified production plant, are the elements that made this company unique on the global market.

Company Name: casArrigoni Srl
VAT Code: 03034440168
Category: Cheese Maturer – Exporter
Address: Fraz. Peghera 575
ZIP Code: 24010
City: Taleggio (BG)
Phone Number: +39.0345.47421
Fax: +39.0345.47842
Email Address: [email protected]
Website: www.casarrigoni

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