Caseificio Defendi S.r.l.

It was 1865 when Pietro Defendi, a milkman, began to passionately prepare the first formaggelle using milk from his own farm. From father to son over 150 years have passed and the Defendi Cheese Factory today is a modern and technological business.

Since the first homemade productions, it has diligently and enthusiastically dedicated itself to the pursuit of excellence in the production of the typical cheeses of Lombardy, such as Gorgonzola PDO, Taleggio PDO, Crescenza.

High quality is the goal of a journey that begins with the selection of the best milk – the undisputed raw material – and continues through each stage of processing.   In fact, the milk comes from selected livestock only. Also, during production, the most evolved technologies are alternated with stages deliberately performed manually, and particular care is given to the phases of ripening and aging of the cheeses.

Presently, Caseificio Defendi, in its very modern factory in Caravaggio, can transform up to 150,000 litres of milk per day into PDO and high quality cheeses, that are made with the pride of those who remember the ancient traditions, just as its founder would have wanted.

Company certified BRC issue 6; IFS Food Version 6; SIDEL organic certification; FDA approved.

Company Name: Caseificio Defendi Luigi Srl
VAT Code: 01627260167
Category: Cheese Maturer – Exporter – Producer
Address: Via Francesca, snc
ZIP Code: 24043
City: Caravaggio (BG)
Phone Number: +39.0363.301022 / 305076
Fax: +39.0363.595998
Email Address: [email protected]

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