Caseificio San Giovanni S.r.l.

The family Sangiovanni – owner of the dairy with same name – has been producing dairy products since 1985, is also the owner of land and cattle farms in the municipality of Palazzo Pignano, and is amongst the main providers of the milk used in the dairy to produce the cheese, in order to guarantee the so called “Zero food miles”.

Caseificio Sangiovanni, with authorisation for cheese production CE IT 03-252 CE, produces the following cheeses:

  • Conventional milk:
    PDO: Gorgonzola PDO, Taleggio PDO, Quartirolo Lombardo PDO, Salva Cremasco PDO,
    Others: Caciotta, Formaggella, Latteria, Fontal Nazionale, Torta contadina, Italico, Primosale, Robiola, Ricotta, etc;
  • Organic milk:
    Gorgonzola PDO, Taleggio PDO, Quartirolo Lombardo PDO, Fontal Nazionale, Italico, Ricotta;
  • Goat milk:
    Caciotta, Latteria, Ricotta, and similar.
Company Name: Caseificio Sangiovanni Srl
VAT Code: 01041580190
Category: Producer
Address: Via Torlino, 40 – Fraz. Cascine Capri
ZIP Code: 26020
City: Palazzo Pignano (CR)
Phone Number: +39.0373.982551
Fax: +39.0373.982551
Email Address: [email protected]

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