F.lli Pedretti S.N.C.

Since more than three generations, the company Pedretti operates in the field of milk processing and its products. Also, according to the ancient tradition, there is a close link with farming of pigs and cultivation. Milk processing is performed using artisanal methods in compliance with the regulations set by protection authorities for Gorgonzola, a premium product of the Italian dairy tradition. Besides this important cheese, the company also produces a number of dairy products to suit all tastes. Whey-fed pigs (a dairy by-product) meet the requirements for the production of Parma and San Daniele ham.
Company Name: F.lli Pedretti s.n.c.
VAT Code: 07225210157
Category: Producer
Address: Cascinello Valerio
ZIP Code: 20087
City: Robecco sul Naviglio (MI)
Phone Number: +39.02.9470601
Fax: +39.02.9470791
Email Address: [email protected]
Website: www.pedrettisnc.eu

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