Igor S.r.l.

For three generations, the Leonardi family has been producing sweet and spicy Gorgonzola PDO.

The history, tradition and values of IGOR stem from the first cheese factory in Mezzomerico, a small village on the hills of Novara, and from the experience of Natale Leonardi and his son Gian Vittorio. The company experienced a steady growth over the years until becoming a premium cheese factory. IGOR uses cutting-edge technologies for the production, aging, and packaging of Gorgonzola, in the full respect of tradition and with a careful selection of the farms where top quality milk is collected. Since 1996 the company operates in Cameri (in the province of Novara), in a very modern 15,000 sqm plant, in strict compliance with the hygiene requirements during each step of the process. In the last years, three plant expansions have taken place, for a total area of 35,000 sqm, and a further expansion of 12,000 sqm is in progress. IGOR exports over 50% of its production worldwide, to large-scale retail, ho.re.ca. and industry.

Besides the plant in Cameri, IGOR also includes CLIN (cheese production plant), PAL (production plant of Gran Riserva Leonardi cheese), and Ballarini (aging site for sweet and spicy Gorgonzola PDO).

Company Name: Igor srl
VAT Code: 01099710038
Category: Producer – Cheese Maturer – Exporter
Address: Via Natale Leonardi 32
ZIP Code: 28062
City: Cameri (NO)
Phone Number: +39.0321.2001
Fax: +39.0321.200256/200257
E-mail Address: [email protected]
Website: www.igornovara.it

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