Costa Mario S.p.A.

Mario Costa distinguishes itself not only because its product is so good, but also due to its loyalty to the tradition that has not been undermined by the continuous and necessary technological adaptations. Innovation and profound knowledge of the dairy art are the origins of a Gorgonzola with a unique flavour.

The company still bears the name of its founder, Mario Costa – class of 1893 – who, straight after the first world war, started the milk processing business in a farmstead in Vinzaglio, in the province of Novara.

At that time they only produced the two-curds Gorgonzola, namely the spicy one, while the sweet and creamy one that gained success on the markets was not born yet: however, the company was already working on the Dolcificato Costa (sweetened), that was awarded the highest honour at the Mostra Casearia in Milan in 1924.

Since the beginning of the 1970s, the company is managed by the grandchild of the founder, Federico Fileppo Zop who joined the company when he was very young and managed to give a new momentum to the production which trebled in a few years and is still growing. Today, Federica and Davide Fileppo, great grandchildren of the founder, are working in the company and represent the fourth generation.

Mario Costa is a sound, modern and advanced company (also thanks to the new recently opened plant), always up to the tradition of good and natural products, and with the ability to win the challenge of an increasingly more complex and variable market.

The policy is competitive, vivid and targeted, allowing growth without forgetting the origins. Production quality and the strict compliance with the hygiene regulations are the focus during the entire process: from pasteurisation to milk processing, from ripening to packaging. In fact, the company has already received the important international certifications BRC and IFS.

Company Name: MARIO COSTA SpA
VAT Code: 00120480033
Category: Producer – Cheese Maturer – Exporter
Address: Via dell’Industria, 26
ZIP Code: 28060
City: Fraz. Orfengo – Casalino (NO)
Phone Number: +39.0321.877566
Fax: +39.0321.877578
Email Address: [email protected]

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