Palzola S.r.l.

Palzola company, an excellency in the production of Gorgonzola, has received numerous awards, such as “Grolla d’Oro” of Saint Vincent for sweet Gorgonzola and “Infiniti Blu” for spicy Gorgonzola on two consecutive editions.

This is the result of a mainly manual work, where experience is crucial for the creation of an absolutely exquisite product. Palzola has over 45 permanent employees whose average seniority is of over 15 years. The company is certified ISO 9001:2008, ISO 22000:2005 and ISO 22005:2008. The plant includes the entire production cycle of Gorgonzola: production plant, ripening rooms, packaging and shipping units.

Also, there is an in-house outlet with a great selection where you can find all the Palzola delicacies, such as sweet and spicy Gorgonzola, Palfuoco (creamy blue cheese with cayenne pepper), Gorgonzola and mascarpone, toma cheeses. The quality policy is strict and is the result of very modern equipment and cutting-edge technology as well as the respect for the dairy secrets and production traditions that belong to a cheese with a very ancient history.

Company Name: PALZOLA S.R.L.
VAT Code: 01251500037
Category: Producer – Cheese Maturer – Exporter
Address: via Europa, 21
ZIP Code: 28010
City: Cavallirio (NO)
Phone Number: +39.0163.80940
Fax: +39.0163.80515
Email Address: [email protected]

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