Gorgonzola is a straw-white, soft cheese with greenish streaks deriving from a process called “erborinatura” in Italian, that is the creation of moulds.

This cheese is creamy and soft, with a peculiar, typical taste. Soft gorgonzola cheese is slightly spicy; spicy gorgonzola, whose curd is more blue-veined, is thicker and more crumbly.

In order to enjoy better soft gorgonzola qualities, it is recommended that you take it out from the fridge at least thirty minutes before consumption.
Both types of Gorgonzola cheese are produced with pasteurised milk coming from cattle stations placed in the origin area, milk enzymes, and selected moulds giving the cheese its peculiar streaks.

Maturing lasts at least 50 days for softer types, and more than 80 days for spicy Gorgonzola.

How to recognise it

gold3Gorgonzola rounds are marked at the origin on both flat faces. Consumers may recognise the cheese when they buy it by the g brand printed on the aluminium sheet wrapping the cheese, which is exclusively assigned to the producers authorised by the Consortium.

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