The whole world keeps loving Gorgonzola cheese


The whole world keeps loving Gorgonzola PDO cheese. Last year as many as 4,430,407 wheels were produced (figure at November 30) with a 2.63% increase compared to 2017, and an even more significant 6.13% compared to 2016, and over one third of the production was exported to foreign markets.

Why is the success of the King of Italian blue cheeses constantly increasing? Its fame all over the world, not only in Europe and North America, but also in the Far East, is certainly attributable to the unique taste and outstanding versatility of this delicious cheese.

However, in the last years, also the nutrition properties of the Gorgonzola PDO have been increasingly recognised and appreciated by the general public. For instance, that lactose content in Gorgonzola is well below the ministerial limit that classifies a “naturally lactose-free” food (<0.1 g/100 g). Moreover, Gorgonzola PDO can also be eaten by people intolerant to gluten, because the wheat flower used as moulds growing medium has been replaced with rice starch, a naturally gluten-free cereal.

Finally, according to psychobiotics – the science that studies how bacteria in the intestine are able to influence our mood – Gorgonzola PDO can be defined a “mood food” as it counteracts anxiety and improves the mood.

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