Preservation and serving

As Gorgonzola cheese is “live” food, whose maturation never ends, it is recommended to buy reasonable quantities that can be consumed within a few days. Spicy Gorgonzola can be preserved longer without changing its characteristics, as compared with soft Gorgonzola.
Gorgonzola cheese should be preserved with care to keep pleasant its aromas and tastes, but always in the fridge.

Many people do not keep Gorgonzola in the cheese container, as they are afraid that its typical smell may be transferred to other cheese. A simple recommended solution is to remove the crust and wrap Gorgonzola, without its crust, in aluminium or keep it in special taste-saving containers, if it is purchased in these containers; its crust is often the cause of its penetrating and not always pleasant smell.

Before consumption, it is recommended that you keep Gorgonzola at room temperature for at least 30 minutes so that its organoleptic characteristics are enhanced and its maximum tastiness reached.

If you need to exhibit a round or part of a round, wrap the “exposed” part with food wrapping film, otherwise the cheese will oxidise and an opaque yellow gloss appears that might affect the product appearance. In this case, just remove the first slice with a long-blade knife and Gorgonzola curd will shine again.

Gorgonzola cheese is good to prepare both simple and complex recipes, and excellent sauces and tasty creams, adding butter or cream, which are ideal for pasta or rice dishes or tasty potato gnocchi. This is also a way to use gorgonzola when it was left in the fridge for too long and its taste is too strong.

The exclusive cooker “FONDI’zola” makes a warm Gorgonzola cream. “FONDI’zola” was an idea of the Consortium; it was designed and made by “Legnoart”, a company specialised in home items and products and sold as “gift idea” in the best household items shops.

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