The Consortium has the following purposes:

  1. Protect and monitor the production and trade of Gorgonzola PDO and the use of its designation;
  2. Promote any useful initiative undertaken in order to protect its typicality and special features against any abuse, unfair competition, counterfeiting, PDO improper use, and illegal behaviours;
  3. Collaborate with the Italian Ministry of Agriculture, Food, and Forestry Policies in PDO monitoring, protection, and preservation by means of monitoring officials;
  4. Collaborate with the EU, the Italian Government, Regions, Autonomous Provinces, Public and private entities, and PDO control entities for a better PDO knowledge and protection, making the Consortium’s organisation available to them;
  5. Implement information, advertising, and promotional campaigns in order to increase the cheese popularity and consumption on all markets.

The Consortium holds the collective brand identifying the PDO and grants its use to anyone being entitled to;

The Consortium provides for cheese branding with the PDO symbol on products made by its members and non-members, included in the control system by the authorised Entity subject to this latter’s approval;

The Consortium provides for plans, projects, regulations, proposals, and studies oriented to the technical, hygienic, and sanitary improvement of the businesses involved..

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