Melon Pennette with Gorgonzola and liquid endive



For the pennette
330 g (11 2/3 oz) of melon smoothie, 4 g (1/7 oz) of gellan

For the filling
200 g (7 oz) of mild Gorgonzola, extra virgin olive oil as required

For the liquid salad
1 head of endive , 1 dl (3/7 cup) of extra virgin olive oil, salt, cooling water, ascorbic acid – vitamin C



For the pennette
Put in a saucepan the Mantuan melon GPI smoothie and the gellan (when both are cool), heat the mixture to 70 °C (158 °F), blend it with the whisk, pour onto a warm tray and let it cool.

For the filling
Whip the mild Gorgonzola DPO with a whisk, add little oil, put the filling into a pastry bag and shape the pennette with the melon gelatine.

For the liquid salad
Cut and wash the salad. Parboil it in plenty salted water and ascorbic acid, useful to prevent oxidation. Cool it down in water with ice, drain it, keep the cooling water aside and then squeeze the salad. Blend the endive with the cooling water, emulsifying with more extra virgin olive oil and season to taste.

Prepare the dish.

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Melon Pennette with Gorgonzola and liquid endive
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