Cold fondue with mild Gorgonzola and grilled Melon salad


Ingredients for 4 persons

200 g (7 oz) of mild Gorgonzola PDO, 30 g (1 oz) of extra virgin olive oil, 30 g (1 oz) of milk, salt, pepper

300 g (10 4/7 oz) of Mantuan melon PGI, 1 celery stalk, 2 spring onions, 20 wild strawberries, edible flowers, extra virgin olive oil, a tablespoon of cane sugar, some drops of condensate of balsamic vinegar


With an immersion blender, mix the Gorgonzola with the milk and the oil, season to taste. Cut the celery into regular pieces. Using the specific melon baller cut the melon into balls, cut the spring onions in half.  In a non-stick pan pour some little oil and the sugar, grill the vegetables and the melon on all sides

Into a saucepan pour 100 ml (3/7 cup) of balsamic vinegar. Cook it until it is reduced to 1/3

Put it into a jar, it can be preserved for months

Serve the fondue in soup dishes or consommé cups, arrange the grilled melon and the vegetables, the fresh wild strawberries and the flowers

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Cold fondue with mild Gorgonzola and grilled Melon salad
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