Small chicken skewer marinated with fondue of mild Gorgonzola and melon


Small chicken skewer marinated with woodland honeydew and sweet paprika, with fondue of mild Gorgonzola and melon with smoked caramel (with smoked paprika)

Ingredients for 6 persons

For the skewers:
A 600 g (1 1/3 lbm) of chicken breast, 4 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil, 3 tablespoons of woodland honeydew, sweet paprika, red salt from Hawaii

For the fondue with mild Gorgonzola:
125 g (4 2/5 oz) of whole milk, 200 g (7 oz) of mild Gorgonzola, 20 g (5/7 oz) of butter, two egg yolks, salt and pepper

For the caramelized Melon:
3 slices of Mantuan melon PGI (with reticulated skin), 30 g (1 oz) of salted butter, 60 g (2 1/9 oz) of cane sugar, smoked paprika, some drops of lemon juice


Wash the chicken breast and dice it
Prepare the marinating sauce by heating in a small saucepan some oil with the honeydew and the paprika
Put all these ingredients into a freezer bag and rub carefully. Let them stand in cool for at least one hour
Heat a saucepan with butter and milk, let the Gorgonzola melt down. Season to taste. Add the two yolks out of heat just before serving it
Heat the oven to 250° (482 °F) with the grill function
Skewer the chicken dices in wooden sticks and place them onto a baking tray, covered with parchment paper
Bake them for around 10-12 minutes (until they get light brown). Season with salt
In the meantime prepare the caramelized Melon: cut the Melon into 1,5 cm (3/5 inch) dices
Heat a non-stick pan with butter, sugar and lemon. Take it to caramelizing point, add the Melon and the smoked paprika. Sautés carefully, let it become glossy and finally add a fistful of sugar
Prepare the dish

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Small chicken skewer marinated with fondue of mild Gorgonzola and melon
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