Bassi S.p.A.


VAT NUMBER : 01131190033

CATEGORY : Producer - Seasoner - Exporter

ADDRESS : Via Sempione, 28040 Marano Ticino, NO, Italia

TELEPHONE : +39 39032197147

FAX : +39 390321976737

EMAIL : nardob@tin.it

WEBSITE : www.bassiformaggi.it


The Story

The origins of Bassi S.p.A. can be traced back four generations, when Giovanni Bassi, in the late 1800s began to engage in milk collection and processing. He was only involved in the production of Gorgonzola PDO, thus selling the unripe product to maturers in the square of Novara and Basso Novarese. In 1912 Giuseppe Bassi was born, who did not hesitate to follow the activity undertaken by his father, which until 1955 was carried out in Oleggio and then moved to the dairy in Marano Ticino.

In the 1960s, Nardo Bassi, decided to focus more attention on the seasoning and packaging of the product, specializing in the portioning of Gorgonzola DOP and thus reaching the peak of its expansion in the 1980s, counting on a widespread Italian and foreign sales network. In 1995, Daniele Bassi, after attending the prestigious dairy school in Lodi, decided to set up a highly innovative dairy alongside Bassi S.p.A. with the latest production technologies, while still leaving unchanged his love and respect for tradition.

Today, therefore, Bassi S.p.A., boasts the complete development of the entire production, aging and packaging cycle of Gorgonzola PDO. In addition, it has an in-house microbiological and chemical laboratory for conducting analysis on both raw materials and the finished product in order to ensure the highest standards of hygiene and sanitation and take care of every detail of production as well as the product. The experience gained over the years has enabled the company to operate in all trade channels/sectors both in Italy and in Cee and Extra Cee countries.

The high level of quality and guarantees that have always been offered to our Customers have led the company to be certified and comply with the new UNI EN ISO 9001:2008, IFS and UNI EN ISO 22005:2008 standards.