Belometti s.r.l.

COMPANY NAME : Belometti Srl

VAT NUMBER : 02241810163

CATEGORY : Seasoner - Exporter

ADDRESS : Via Roma, 186, 24064 Grumello del Monte, BG, Italia

TELEPHONE : +39 390354420539

FAX : +39 390354426806

EMAIL : info@belometti.it

WEBSITE : www.belometti.it


The Story

The Belometti family’s tradition started in the 1930s on the slopes of Mount Bronzone, where we began to collect the products of local dairy farmers and transform them into cheeses with a unique and personal taste. Over the course of time and generations, we have specialised in the maturing of other cheeses, making use of our experience both in sourcing products from master cheesemakers and in the delicate maturing process.

Our partnership with producers allows us to give them indispensable support in order to be able to obtain, after the sorting, maturing and ageing phase, a product with a unique flavour and unmistakable taste to put on the market.

Customer satisfaction comes first, and we always strive for quality, reliability, guarantee and innovation: for about twenty years we have been packaging domestic and foreign products for the large-scale retail trade for free service and with private labels for the large-scale retail trade. Following the logic of the market, we have expanded our production range by extending it to calibrated weight packages also for mass catering with single-serving products and multi-serving tubs, specialising in packages from 40 g and above intended especially for the airline and port sector.

Affiliated with leading Italian PDOs, we make quality and experience our strengths in serving our customers.