F.lli Oioli S.r.l.


VAT NUMBER : 01428180036

CATEGORY : Producer - Seasoner - Exporter

ADDRESS : Via Castello, 12, Cavaglietto, NO, Italia

TELEPHONE : +39 390322806251

FAX : +39 390322806611

EMAIL : oioli@oioli.it

WEBSITE : www.oioli.it


The Story

The Caseificio F.lli Oioli S.r.l. located in Cavaglietto – Novara is a company with a Food Safety management system and product certification (traceability) in accordance with UNI EN ISO 22005:2008, also certified BRC Global Standard – Food and IFS International Food Standard Version 5.

Our love for quality has deep roots, in fact we have been producing for more than 30 years, with commitment and a lot of passion, a healthy and natural Gorgonzola DOP, which owes its success to softness and creaminess.

Extensive experience, combined with the latest technologies, guarantee our Gorgonzola PDO high quality standards, thanks to the selection of the best milk from farms selected over time for reliability and quality of the product supplied.

The entire production cycle takes place in the Cavaglietto complex in the province of Novara, a land where Gorgonzola DOP has always been produced; new and of modern design, the plant is built to be functional and to comply with all regulations on hygiene and safety.