Latteria Soc. Cameri Coop


VAT NUMBER : 00123650038

CATEGORY : Producer - Seasoner - Exporter

ADDRESS : Via Novara, 67, 28062 Cameri, NO, Italia

TELEPHONE : +39 390321518224

FAX : +39 390321616790

EMAIL : latteriadicameri@libero.it

WEBSITE : www.latteriadicameri.it


The Story

LATTERIA SOCIALE DI CAMERI is a cooperative that since 1914 has been collecting milk from the farms of its contributing members all in the province of Novara (currently 19 farms for a quantity of about 300 quintals of milk per day) and processing it into fine cheeses, especially GORGONZOLA DOP CHEESE in the two types DOLCE and PICCANTE. Recall that the latter was awarded “BEST AMONG THE BEST” among the 145 cheeses in Competition at the “Trofeo San Lucio” organized by the Pandino dairy school.

The utmost care is given on our farms to the ‘quality aspect of milk and animal welfare, because it is from good milk that the best cheeses are made.

In the new dairy built in 2006, processing continues to be carried out, by expert cheesemakers, in an exclusively artisanal manner in traditional 6-quintal cauldrons.

The next stage of maturation expanded in 2014, is carried out in typical static cooling cells strictly on wooden boards. The microclimate created in this environment is one of the key components of the ripening process and the formation of the unique flavor of our cheeses distinguished by the typical pink rind.

In addition to GORGONZOLA cheese, the LATTERIA produces two other PDO cheeses La TOMA PIEMONTESE and TALEGGIO (unique in Piedmont) and specialties such as TOMA BLU and VERDALPE, creamy goat’s blue cheese.