Bicycle and Gorgonzola: a winning combination!


24 May 2022



Bicycle and Gorgonzola: a winning combination!

It is simple, fun, has been loved around the world for centuries and is good for physical and mental health. No, we are not talking about Gorgonzola, but about the bicycle, the undisputed star of the just-concluded Giro d’Italia, which is celebrated worldwide on 3 June with the World Bicycle Day, which the UN called for in 2018. A tribute to an ancient means of transport, invented around two centuries ago, and used today by about a billion people regardless of gender, age, status or country. “Bikes are freedom – said Antonio Guterres, Secretary-General of the United Nations – bikes are fun. They are good for one’s health – physical and mental, and good for our one and only planet”.  

The bicycle thus, perfectly embodies a healthy lifestyle in harmony with nature based on simplicity and sustainability. These values that are perfectly reflected in a Protected Designation of Origin product such as Gorgonzola made with a few simple ingredients, the fruit of an unbreakable bond with its territory, and produced every day with love and effort by the hands of expert cheesemakers.

Precisely to support these values, the Consortium has promoted the “Gorgonzolatour”, a journey on two wheels through the landscapes and flavours in the land of Gorgonzola to get to know, far from the frantic pace of hit-and-run tourism, the delicacies and architectural beauties of the fifteen Italian provinces, straddling Piedmont and Lombardy, where Gorgonzola PDO is made every day.

Happy pedaling…. with a Gorgonzola snack!

Link to tour section: https://www.gorgonzola.com/zona-di-produzione/tour-virtuale/