Cheese: yes or no?


19 February 2019



Cheese: yes or no?

Società Italiana di Nutrizione Umana (SINU) – Italian society for human nutrition – states that you can eat 100 g of fresh cheese and 50 g of cured cheese up to 2 or 3 times a week. Professor Andrea Pezzana (head of Dietetics and Clinical Nutrition at San Giovanni Bosco hospital in Turin) says that young and elderly people “can consume cheese up to three times, because its proteins and phosphorus-calcium-vitamin complex act as a natural supplement”.

In 100 g of Gorgonzola PDO there are plenty of proteins, namely 18 g in the sweet one, and 21 g in the spicy one. Why are proteins so important? Surely because they are a fundamental source of energy for the body, but also because they are involved in the production and turnover of cell tissues, and help maintaining a good muscular structure.

But there is more to it! One of Gorgonzola PDO specific features is the high digestibility of its proteins. Thanks to the intense microbial action during the aging phase, proteins are split into smaller, hence more digestible, protein molecules.

For people on a vegetarian diet Gorgonzola PDO, together with any cheese, milk and yogurt, is a good alternative to meat thanks to its protein content – says doctor Monica Giroli (Nutritionist at the IRCCS Monzino Cardiology centre in Milan).