Gorgonzola in summer


27 July 2018



Gorgonzola in summer

As part of a balanced diet, Gorgonzola PDO supplies many useful nutrients for the body, including proteins, vitamins (A and B12), folates, calcium, phosphorous and zinc, all substances that promote the normal psychological, immune system, cognitive and visual response and are very useful, in particular, during the hot season. In summer too then Gorgonzola can be brought to the table and used in the typical recipes of the season. Starting with ice cream.

Indeed, it was an ice-cream made with Gorgonzola, figs and serrano ham that won the prize as best new ice cream of the year in Belgium during the “Gelato Festival Challenge”, which saw the participation of the best ice cream makers in Belgium. The first prize was won by a Bruges-based ice cream shop, which will also take its Gorgonzola PDO ice cream to the next European championship, whose finals will be held in Florence from 15 through 16 September (www.gelatofestival.it).

Those who ice cream, will find here another delicious recipe: Semifreddo with pears and gorgonzola (CLICK HERE). These are all easy-to-make and fresh recipes that can be easily stored in your freezer. For a more formal occasion, you can opt for a cold cheesecake instead (CLICK HERE).

Enjoy your holidays!