Great Success for “Gorgonzola&Cocktail”


13 March 2018



Great Success for “Gorgonzola&Cocktail”

During the first weekend in February, Gorgonzola Pdo has been the main character of an initiative held in Milan that achieved resounding success. For three days, 7 of the most fashion and popular cocktail bars of the city (Bulk, Ceresio 7, Globe, Iter, Jazz Café, Rebelot Navigli, Octavius at The Stage) have been proposing two ad hoc made cocktails pairing original finger food based on Sweet Gorgonzola Pdo and Spicy Gorgonzola Pdo.

The event has been reported by over 70 articles in local and national newspapers, as well as by “Eat parade”, the food and drink programme of RAI 2 TV news, being deemed as one of the most interesting events at national level.

The aim of this extreme tasting initiative was to highlight the versatility of Gorgonzola cheese, also addressing a younger audience that is not regularly engaged in cooking. The official hashtag of the initiative #zola&cocktail has been the protagonist of numerous interactions amongst participating barmen, locals, food bloggers and audience who enjoyed “tagging” their favourite pairing.