Happy New (Italian) Year!


27 December 2018



Happy New (Italian) Year!

Are you looking for a theme to celebrate next New Year’s Eve? Let the Italian taste inspire you!

Last year 174 million bottles of sparkling wine were opened at parties all over the world. To pair the toast we selected for you six finger food that combine Gorgonzola PDO with some of the most used and loved ingredients abroad. Before leaving for this nice world tour marked by Gorgonzola PDO, there are some hints regarding how to use it at best: to maximise its flavours, remove from the fridge and bring to room temperature before tasting it. After you buy it, we recommended to remove the rind and wrap the cheese in a foil or put it in a flavour saver container to prevent its aroma from dispersing in the fridge.

The consortium for the protection of the Gorgonzola PDO cheese wishes you a Happy New Year