Only fresh milk to make Gorgonzola PDO!


25 September 2015



Only fresh milk to make Gorgonzola PDO!

With regard to the recent notice issued by the European Commission requesting that Italy allows the use of powdered and reconstituted milk in cheese making, the Consortium for the Protection of Gorgonzola Cheese, acting through its President Mr. Renato Invernizzi and on behalf of its 38 member companies, declares as follows:

Gorgonzola Dop cheese has always been made and will always be made using fresh Italian cow milk from farms located in the production area across Lombardy and Piedmont that has been milked on the day. The Consortium carefully monitors compliance with the Production Regulations approved by the member companies, with which they all voluntarily and strictly comply“.

This means” – continues President Invernizzi – “that Gorgonzola Dop cheese will always be made using exclusively fresh milk from the area of origin. Indeed, we strongly believe that only the protection of high quality and authenticity can make sure that Gorgonzola Dop cheese continues to be loved and known all over the world, as confirmed by its constantly growing consumption and export levels.