Production 2019: Gorgonzola PDO exceeds 5 million wheels


23 January 2020



Production 2019: Gorgonzola PDO exceeds 5 million wheels

Production of Gorgonzola PDO in 2019, for the first time hit, and even exceeded, 5 million wheels. To be precise, in last year 5,025,785 wheels have been produced by the 39 member companies, assisted by about 1,800 farms scattered across the consortium territory, straddling Piedmont and Lombardy.

The generated turnover, namely 800 million euro approximately, confirms that Gorgonzola PDO is the Top of the range blue cheese made with cow milk in terms of production, with an overall 7th place in the agro-food industry (including both PDO and PGI products).

2019 figure increased by 176,482 wheels (+3.64%) versus 2018 and by 293,070 wheels (+6.19%) versus 2017, confirming that in the last decade the production of Gorgonzola PDO has been consistently growing.

President of Consorzio Gorgonzola Renato Invernizzi comments: “In the light of such positive and growing figures, our efforts should address even more the protection of this product, which basically entails promoting its quality and the awareness of it. Lacking these two pillars, any battle against counterfeiting would be useless”.