The registration of PDO Gorgonzola in Norway


29 July 2016



The registration of PDO Gorgonzola in Norway

On 5 July 2016, a plaque was handed over to the Consortium for the Protection of Gorgonzola Cheese, Consorzio Gorgonzola, as a tangible sign of the registration of PDO Gorgonzola in Norway. The ceremony was held at the Italian Embassy in Oslo in the presence of Italy’s Ambassador to Norway Giorgio Novello, the EU Head of Delegation, Ambassador to Norway Helen Campbell, the Director General of Norway’s Ministry for Agriculture and Food Anne Marie Glosli, Matmerk’s CEO Nina Sundqvist, Mrs Belmonte representing Consorzio Gorgonzola, and other high officials.

norvegia-logoConsorzio Gorgonzola is honoured to have received such an important acknowledgement, which is yet another major achievement in the protection of PDOs. The registration of PDO Gorgonzola cheese allows us to better protect our product from all the imitations available on the market and to guarantee one of the main characteristics of the protected products, i.e. that consumers are buying a product which complies with a specific production process and undergoes a whole series of verifications that guarantee its safety and quality.

One of the main goals of the Consortium, besides the promotion and valorisation of the product, is to protect and watch over the production and sale of PDO Gorgonzola cheese. These are two crucial aspects for an entity like the Consortium, which has always been fully committed to this sensitive field, at both a national and international level.

This is, therefore, a very meaningful acknowledgement, which will result in a better protection of the DOP Gorgonzola cheese also outside the European Union.