The virtual tour in the land of Gorgonzola PDO continues


23 May 2021



The virtual tour in the land of Gorgonzola PDO continues

The virtual tour of Consorzio Gorgonzola continues with the second leg: Cremona is the home of mostarda, the ideal accompaniment to spicy Gorgonzola; then Brescia, the “Lioness of Italy“, an excellent starting point for a tour across the vineyards of Franciacorta; finally, Lodi, which, thanks to its territory, mainly devoted to agriculture and livestock breeding, is an important centre for dairy production.

With the construction of the Navigli (canals), around the 16th century, in the area between Milan and Lodi, the production of Gorgonzola grew enormously, thanks to the fact that the cheese could be quickly transported to Milan where trade was more flourishing, especially at fairs.

Gorgonzola, which since 1996 can boast the title of “PDO product”, is closely linked to its territory. In fact, production and processing of the raw materials must take place within the consortium area enclosed within symbolic but precise boundaries. PDO certification thus becomes a guarantee for the consumer who can be certain that the entire production chain has taken place in that geographical area, respecting its history and traditions.

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