Traditional Christmas recipes with Gorgonzola PDO


06 December 2021



Traditional Christmas recipes with Gorgonzola PDO

Christmas lunches and dinners are the most eagerly awaited moments of the feast days: the family gathers around the laid table to enjoy conviviality, good food and affection. Every Italian region, every city and even every family has its own customs, but in any case, the menu must always be very rich, of high quality and with fine ingredients.

The custom is that the Christmas menu is mainly meat-based, so there is room for typical dishes such as stuffed pastas, stuffed meats, roasts, broth and desserts of all kinds, as opposed to Christmas Eve dinner which, especially in the South, is “lean” and therefore essentially fish-based.

In order not to be found unprepared and to be able to dedicate time to your guests, it may be useful to organise yourself, choosing a menu that is easy to manage, that can also be prepared the day before, so that you don’t have to stay in the kitchen to bake and decorate, without forgetting to add a delicious product such as Gorgonzola PDO to your dishes.

The Consorzio per la Tutela del Formaggio Gorgonzola Dop proposes some recipes to save time yet gourmet to make this Made in Italy excellence the protagonist of the Christmas holidays.

Happy Gourmet Holidays from Gorgonzola PDO!