First Course, Video Recipes


Risotto with sweet and spicy Gorgonzola and white grapes

Student: Vecchiarelli Tommaso – Azzolina Davide


  • Carnaroli rice 350 gr
  • Sweet gorgonzola 100 gr
  • Spicy gorgonzola 100 gr
  • Vegetable stock ½ litre
  • Butter 20 gr
  • Reggiano parmesan 20 gr
  • Shallot 2
  • White grapes 500 gr
  • Salt q.s.
  • Pepper q.s.
  • Thyme q.s.
  • White wine 125 ml


  1. Prepare the vegetable stock adding the grape stalks and a few peeled grapes.
  2. Cut into halves part of the grapes, and the rest in 4 wedges to garnish.
  3. Sauté part of the grapes cut into halves with some butter and thyme sprigs, then simmer with white wine. Allow to evaporate for a few seconds then remove from the heat.
  4. Blend with the mixer and strain with the chinois.
  5. In a saucepan, brown the shallot with the butter, toast the rice and simmer with the remaining wine. Continue cooking adding a ladle of stock every time the rice gets dry. After the first ladle, add half grape juice, then the rest of it.
  6. Finally, 3-4 minutes before the rice is cooked, add cubes of sweet gorgonzola and the remaining grape halves. Mix.
  7. Add parmesan and garnish with spicy gorgonzola cubes, grape wedges and thyme sprigs.