The Gorgonzola


Sweet and spicy

What it looks like

Gorgonzola is an uncooked, straw-white cheese whose green streaks are due to the process of marbling, that is, the formation of mold.

It is therefore creamy and soft with a distinctive and distinctive flavor, slightly spicy the mild type, stronger and stronger flavor the spicy type whose paste is more herbaceous, firm and crumbly.

To enjoy the creaminess of sweet Gorgonzola to the fullest, it is best to remove it from the refrigerator at least half an hour before consuming.

The guarantee of authenticity

At origin, the wheels are branded on both flat sides of the Gorgonzola wheel, but the consumer, upon purchase, can be guaranteed authenticity by the “” mark printed on the background of the foil wrapping the cheese, granted exclusively to companies authorized by the Consortium.

I numeri del gusto Gorgonzola

Nutritional values of Gorgonzola cheese PDO

100 grams of Gorgonzola PDO contain:


1299 KJ / 314Kcal


27 g

Of which:
Saturated fatty acids
Monounsaturated fatty acids
Polyunsaturated fatty acids

19 g
6,1 g
0,7 g

of which Sugars

0 g
0 g


18 g


1,6 g


530 mg – 66 %


280 mg – 40 %

How it is produced

The science column

24 June 2016


History and tradition

Gorgonzola PDO is a 100% Italian cheese, produced only in some specific areas of Piedmont and Lombardy in compliance with the production guidelines, without the use pres

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Gorgonzola Cheese and Sports Nutrition

During the cheese making and ripening process, the typical microorganisms of Gorgonzola cheese carry out a significant degradation of the milk proteins. The cheese ripen

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Without additives and preservatives

The Gorgonzola DOP cheese is made with no added additives or preservatives. The pasteurization of the milk used in the cheese-making process, the implementation of rigorously-controlled health and sa