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The Purposes Of The Consortium

From the skilful hands of cheesemakers comes the unmistakable taste of Gorgonzola PDO, which is then aged and exported all over the world.

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Our commitments

01. To protect and supervise the production and trade of Gorgonzola PDO and the use of its name;

02. Promote any useful initiative aimed at safeguarding its typicality and special characteristics from any abuse, unfair competition, counterfeiting, misuse of the PDO, conduct prohibited by law;

03. Cooperate with the Ministry of Agriculture Food and Forestry to supervise, protect and safeguard the PDO by means of vigilante agents;

04. To cooperate with the E.U., the Italian State, Regions, Autonomous Provinces, public and private entities, and PDO control bodies for the better enhancement and protection of the PDO by making its organization available;

05. Implement information, advertising and promotional initiatives to increase awareness and consumption in all markets.