Ciresa s.r.l.

Ciresa’s history began in 1927, when Giovanni Ciresa started the business setting up the first warehouse which, in 1958, was replaced by the dairy in Bindo di Cortenova. The development of the sales network started in Sondrio in the 1980s and continued in the 1990s with the opening of the warehouse in Lecco (1996) and the new premises in Bergamo in 2007.

Upon the experience gained in the warehouses in Novara, in 2003 a new dairy was opened in Cameri, in order to multiply the productivity of Gorgonzola and strengthen its international presence. Since three generations Ciresa dedicates the maximum care to the cheese production, with special attention to the naturalness of the products and the choice of methods that respect the environment and nature. The success and the increasing international triumph of Ciresa products are also the result of the efficient distribution network: this ensures that Ciresa’s deliveries are quick and flexible, which together with the high quality of the product, contributes in satisfying even the most demanding clientele and gaining their trust.

Over the years, the philosophy of Ciresa has kept the soul, precision and perseverance of its founder when he embarked on his adventure; with this spirit it managed to expand its boundaries on the international market grasping new and extraordinary growth opportunities that made it become a symbol of the Italian quality abroad.

Company Name: Ciresa Srl
VAT Code: 00206690133
Category: Stagionatore – Esportatore
Address: via Vittorio Emanuele III, 62
ZIP Code: 23815
City: Introbio (LC)
Phone Number: +39.0341.980540
Fax: +39.0341.981294
E-mail Address: [email protected]

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