Stuffed grapes with gorgonzola mousse



  • 20 purple grapes
  • 100 g sweet gorgonzola
  • 80 g soft ricotta-cheese
  • fresh wild fennel
  • 40 g spring spinach
  • 70 g soya sprouts
  • salt and white pepper


Rinse the grapes and dry carefully. Use a sharp knife to remove the cap from each grape and create the base to make the grape stand, then stone them with a corer.

Use a whisk to mix gorgonzola with ricotta-cheese in a bowl, then season with minced wild fennel, salt and white pepper.

Whip for at least 5 minutes and place in the fridge for about 10 minutes.

Use a pastry bag or a syringe to fill the grapes with gorgonzola mousse, place them on a bed of finely cut spring spinach and soya sprouts.

Suggested wine: Chardonnay

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Stuffed grapes with gorgonzola mousse
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