From June 23 to 25, the Consortium Gorgonzola Pdo participated in the Summer Fancy Food in New York, the most important exhibition dedicated to the food sector in North America. Tastings were organized at the Consortium’s booth to raise awareness of the properties, history, and characteristics of Gorgonzola Pdo and to combat Italian-sounding products on the American market that evoke the Pdo and Italianness but have nothing to do with our millenary art of cheese-making.

Last September, it was precisely the Consortium Gorgonzola that scored a significant victory against American dairy producers by obtaining in Chile the recognition of the denomination of origin of Gorgonzola cheese as 100% Italian after a four-year process. This result can further pave the way for Italian producers to penetrate a very interesting market.

In the first quarter of 2024, Gorgonzola exports to the world grew by 2.5% compared to the same period of the previous year, reaching 6,482 tons (equivalent to 540,166 wheels). Of these, nearly 8,000 wheels reached the U.S.A., placing the United States in second place among the most critical non-EU countries for Gorgonzola Pdo exports.