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Conservation And Service

How to store and serve Gorgonzola PDO, preserving its creaminess and flavour.

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A living food


Since it is a “live” food and therefore continuously maturing, it is recommended that Gorgonzola be purchased in reasonable quantities and that it can be consumed within a few days of purchase. Gorgonzola of the spicy type keeps longer days without changing its characteristics, compared to the mild type.

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They should be kept carefully so that they retain pleasant aromas and flavors but always in the refrigerator.

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Before Consumption

Many do not store it in the cheese container for fear that the characteristic odor may be transmitted to other cheeses. The simple solution recommended is to remove the rind and wrap the rindless Gorgonzola in aluminum foil or keep it in the flavor-preserving tray if purchased in this package; often it is the rind that is the cause of the penetrating and not always welcome smell. Before consumption, it is advisable to keep Gorgonzola at room temperature for at least half an hour to enhance its organoleptic characteristics so that it can express its maximum flavor.

If the Gorgonzola cheese wheel, or part of it, is exposed for longer, wrap the “exposed” part with food-grade cling film, otherwise the Gorgonzola paste will oxidize and form a dull yellow patina that could damage the aesthetics of the product itself.
If so, simply remove the first slice with a long-bladed knife and the Gorgonzola paste will shine again. Gorgonzola lends itself to making not only simple or elaborate dishes, but also excellent sauces and tasty creams, adding butter or cooking cream when cooking, which are ideal for garnishing pasta or rice dishes or the appetizing gnocchi.