Italian PDO Cheese Days

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18 February 2016



Italian PDO Cheese Days

In Clearwater (Florida) two days dedicated to Gorgonzola and Italia PDO Cheeses

Clearwater, a popular tourist destination with the best beach in Florida, has hosted a two-day event dedicated to fine Italian cheeses.

During the tasting ITALIAN PDO CHEESE DAYS, guests were introduced to PDO cheeses by the Italian food and wine expert Vincenzo D’Antonio, who has organized the event. Later, the light dinner offered guests an authentic Italian menu, giving them the opportunity to taste PDO and PGI products in an atmosphere of interaction and cheerfulness. Each course featured one of the PDO cheeses of the day and was served with the appropriate Californian wine. Gorgonzola PDO cheese, shared the kitchen with Campanian Buffalo Mozzarella PDO cheese, Gragnano PGI Pasta, and such olive oils as Toscano PGI and Collina di Brindisi PDO. Gorgonzola cheese were  also served as dessert.

Born in Italy around 1000 AD and ranked as the third top cow’s milk cheese among Italian PDO cheeses, Gorgonzola cheese is a genuine Made in Italy product: it is produced only in Italy, and especially in Lombardy and Piedmont regions (that is why there can never be a German, French, or American Gorgonzola cheese!).