Gorgonzola… increasingly more visible


09 June 2015



Gorgonzola… increasingly more visible

On the occasion of the EXPO, the Gorgonzola Cheese is increasingly “invading” the city of Milan. New advertising spaces have been added, thus creating a highly creative and visible advertising campaign that expands through the most visited places by the public of the event of the year.

Waiting for the tram is now more pleasant thanks to the platforms , which are now adorned with Gorgonzola. The Digital Metro hoardings are also more attractive, telling you about Gorgonzola along the Metro route.

A fantastic result has really been achieved through the Dominations in the Rho Metro station that leads to the Expo, as well as in the Duomo station, where Gorgonzola Cheese is present in every single advertising space, of any possible size.

An extraordinary showcase that catches the eye of all our visitors from all over the world.