The cheesemaker in love and the shooting stars’ nights


09 August 2020



The cheesemaker in love and the shooting stars’ nights

The birth of Gorgonzola PDO is commonly traced back to a famous popular legend related to love.

The story’s protagonist is a young careless cheesemaker who, distracted by thoughts of love, to enjoy an evening watching the stars with his lover, postponed the processing of milk to the next day, combining the evening curd with the morning curd. This is how Gorgonzola cheese was born. In the end, the cheesemaker managed to marry the girl and the wedding gift was precisely that wheel of Gorgonzola.

What does the legend of the cheesemaker in love remind us of? That this is the best time of year to observe The Perseids, a meteor shower that crosses the Earth, visible during the summer, but usually peaking between August 10 and 13 and which allows you to admire shooting stars all over the world.

These evenings, among the most romantic of the summer, allow you to admire the show in the dark, pointing your nose up to make a wish that hopefully will come true.

An excellent tip: tasty Gorgonzola PDO appetizers and seasonal fruit are the ideal snack to wait for the shooting stars with your sweetheart.