Gelmini Carlo S.r.l.


VAT NUMBER : 01425280151

CATEGORY : Producer - Seasoner - Exporter

ADDRESS : Via Papa Giovanni XXIII, 15, 20080 Besate, MI, Italia

TELEPHONE : +39 029050924

FAX : +39 0290098030

EMAIL : info@caseificio-gelmini.it

WEBSITE : www.caseificio-gelmini.com


The Story

The company Gelmini Carlo srl has been ensuring professionalism and tradition in the production of sweet and spicy Gorgonzola DOP cheese for 4 generations now. The company operates in compliance with and enforcement of current European regulations on food hygiene, without neglecting the care and craftsmanship that ensure an excellent product with rich taste. Thanks also to product certifications, it is at the forefront of the industry by using modern and careful technology.

Gorgonzola “Gelmini” is the fruit of experience gained through decades of artisanal production. The timeliness and efficiency of a careful sales network makes it possible to enjoy a range of high-quality products at the best conditions. The company guarantees curated and selected production for both own brand and private brand, large retailers and high-quality delis.

With a widespread presence throughout Italy and Europe, it also ensures high-quality service in world markets such as America and eastern areas.