P.A.L. S.r.l.


VAT NUMBER : 01389580034

CATEGORY : Manufacturer

ADDRESS : Via Braia, 1, Prato Sesia, NO, Italia

TELEPHONE : +39 390163850209

EMAIL : stefanogaggero@igornovara.it

WEBSITE : www.igornovara.it


The Story

Located in Valsesia at the foot of Monte Rosa, the Pal Dairy was founded in 1933 at the behest of Otello Paltrinieri and later developed thanks to the dairy skills and passion of his son Franco, who has jealously preserved and respected the old recipes.

Today a close-knit group of local employees work at the company: people who have always been accustomed to skillfully producing the exceptional Gorgonzola DOP that has made the brand famous, under the supervision of cheesemaker Stefano Gaggero.

Top-quality milk combined with the air and water of Valsesia in an ancient recipe, kept unchanged thanks to dedication handed down from father to son, are the fundamental elements of a Gorgonzola of excellence. Not surprisingly, the Pal plant was chosen for the production of Gran Riserva Leonardi, the premium Gorgonzola of the Igor Group, which now controls 100 percent of Pal.