Gildo Formaggi

COMPANY NAME : Gildo dei f.lli Ciresa snc

VAT NUMBER : 01357320355

CATEGORY : Seasoner - Exporter

ADDRESS : Via Vittorio Veneto, 11, Introbio, LC, Italia

TELEPHONE : +39 390341901401

FAX : +39 390341901575

EMAIL : info@gildoformaggi.it

WEBSITE : www.gildoformaggi.it


The Story

Our artisanal company, based in Valsassina, a valley renowned for its excellent cheeses, continues the dairy trade started by our grandfather and passed on by our father Gildo.

The business is traditionally related to Taleggio DOP, Gorgonzola DOP, Quartirolo DOP and dedicated to the most typical raw milk cheeses from our mountains.

We collect the precious mountain milk of our valley from the “Valsassina Producers’ Cooperative” using it to produce “Original Valsassina” cheeses that express genuineness, tradition and connection with the territory.

In recent years, special efforts have also been devoted to the production of goat’s milk cheeses, to the point of becoming a benchmark company in the industry in Italy.