Costa Mario S.p.A.


VAT NUMBER : 00120480033

CATEGORY : Producer - Seasoner - Exporter

ADDRESS : Via dell'Industria, 26, 28060 Casalino, NO, Italia

TELEPHONE : +39 390321877566

FAX : +39 390321877578

EMAIL : info@mariocosta.it

WEBSITE : www.mariocosta.it


The Story

Mario Costa is distinguished not only by the goodness of its product but also by a fidelity to the production tradition that the continuous and necessary technological adjustments have not undermined. Innovation and profound wisdom in the art of cheesemaking are at the origin of a Gorgonzola with unparalleled flavor.

The company still bears the name of its founder – Mario Costa, born in 1893 – who, immediately after World War I, started the milk processing business on a farmstead in Vinzaglio, Novara.

At that time, only two-paste Gorgonzola, the spicy one, was produced, while the sweet and creamy product that is now established in the markets had not yet been born: however, the company was already working on Costa Sweetened, which was awarded the highest honor at the 1924 Milan Cheese Show.

Since the early 1970s, the company’s leadership has been entrusted to the founder’s grandson, Federico Fileppo Zop, who – having joined the company at a very young age – manages to give a new impetus to production, which has tripled in just a few years and is growing steadily. Today, Federica and Davide Fileppo, great-grandchildren of the founder and already active in the company, represent the fourth generation.

Mario Costa is now a solid, modern and evolved reality (thanks in part to its recently inaugurated new headquarters), always living up to its tradition of goodness and naturalness, which has all the numbers to meet the challenge of an increasingly articulated and changing market.

A vibrant and focused competitive policy that allows it to grow, but without forgetting its roots. At Costa, production quality and scrupulous adherence to sanitation standards are at the highest level during every stage of processing: from pasteurization to milk processing, from curing to packaging. In fact, for several years already, the company has held the important international BRC and IFS certifications.