F.lli Pedretti S.N.C.

COMPANY NAME : F.lli Pedretti s.n.c.

VAT NUMBER : 07225210157

CATEGORY : Manufacturer

ADDRESS : Caseificio Fratelli Pedretti, 20087 Robecco Sul Naviglio, MI, Italia

TELEPHONE : +39 39029470601

FAX : +39 39029470791

EMAIL : pedretti@pedrettisnc.eu

WEBSITE : www.pedrettisnc.eu


The Story

For more than three generations, the Pedretti company has been in the business of milk and milk processing products. In addition, as per ancient tradition, there is a deep connection with pig breeding and land cultivation. The milk is processed using artisanal methods in compliance with the rules imposed by the bodies that protect one of the outstanding products of the Italian dairy tradition, Gorgonzola. In addition to this important cheese, the company produces a variety of dairy products to suit a variety of tastes. Pigs raised on whey (a by-product of milk processing) meet the requirements for Parma and San Daniele ham.