Gorgonzola PDO in worldwide cuisine


24 June 2020



Gorgonzola PDO in worldwide cuisine

Fusion recipes make our imagination travel

Fusion cuisine is increasingly more important on tables all over the world: fusion conveys the sense of bringing together ingredients or styles from different culinary traditions to create new dishes and unusual flavours.

This type of cuisine dates back hundreds of years: just think of when potatoes, tomatoes or corn, which were not grown on our fields in Europe, arrived from America and have been perfectly integrated into our diet.

In more recent times sushi, oriental dishes, Mexican cuisine and many others have spread due to frequent travels, the breaking down of borders, globalisation and the presence of many different ethnic groups in the cities. As a result, some food needs have changed and some new ones have arisen.

Gorgonzola PDO is an Italian excellence known and enjoyed in 85 countries around the world and precisely for this reason it can be enhanced in fusion dishes in tasty combinations that make us travel virtually to take imagination to distant countries. Adding Gorgonzola PDO to other international excellences in the creation of modern and globalised dishes can give rise to new traditions and new recipes.